Which is better the original or the artificial?



Did you know that Aperfield escorts have better boobs than other escorts around the UK? According to a dating survey carried out by the Better Sex Guide, dates think that Aperfield escorts have better boobs than any other escorts around the UK. It sounded quite interesting so we decided to investigate things a little bit more. According to the result 9 out 10 dates thought that Aperfield escorts had better boobs. The amazing thing is that there are very few Aperfield escorts fromĀ https://charlotteaction.org/aperfield-escorts with fake boobs or implants. So, what does this mean? Is this the end of the implants, and has Aperfield escorts discover how to make your boobs look more beautiful in a natural way. Many escorts around the UK are interested in the results from the survey, and can’t wait to hear what Stanstead escorts have to say.

Let them free

We asked a group of Aperfield escorts what the secret is to a better bust, and surprisingly it is quite simple to get a better bust. A lot of the girls pointed out that they don’t wear a bra every day of the week. This means that the tendons behind the breasts get a chance to do what they are meant to do. In other words, they will continue to lift the breast, and the tendon becomes stronger. When we wear a bra, a lot of the weight of the breast is taken up by the bra, and that means the tendons behind the breast relax. Relaxed tendons mean that they are not as strong as they used to be, and once we take the bra off, our breasts might look a bit “droopier” so to speak. In other words, it is good for your breasts to hang free every so often. That doesn’t mean that you need to burn your bra but you should perhaps leave it off once in a while.


There are many exercises which will help to lift the breast. If you get yourself a chart of the muscle groups in the human body, you will find that there are several muscles which help to control the best. Just like any other muscles in the body they can be exercised. Surprisingly to many ladies, swimming can help to lift your bust and make it seem further. At the end of the day, it is not called the breast stroke for nothing. However, I have noticed that my breasts are a lot firm and “more lifted” than other ladies. I put it down to that I swim at least 1000 meters every week, and this must at least go some way towards a better bust. And it seems, it might be true. Ladies who swim more complain less about a saggy bust and seem to be happy with their appearance altogether. There are many different ways to look after your bust, and for instance the contraceptive pill may help as well. Having a slim waist will always put more emphasis on your bust, and will make your bust seem and appear more lifted. There is only one thing for it ladies, hit the gym and the pool.

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