mens fascination with asian women

Throughout history, men, especially those of American and European descents, have had a fascination with Asian women. Many men see Asian women as an especially mysterious source of fantasy and fulfilment. Tired of the mundane, puritanical mechanisms of the women raised in the norms of their own countries, men look to Asian escorts to provide a much-needed release for their desires and curiosities. Oftentimes, Asian escorts in London provide men with one of the few, true adventures in an otherwise routine existence.

London women from many ethnic backgrounds are physically beautiful in unique ways, but Asian London escorts have a sleekness of feature and mannerism that stand out to men as the thing fantasies are built upon. The images of history have contributed to this. Since ancient history, exotic imports have traveled from the orient via the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a path that brought the pleasures of the orient to other cultures. For hundreds of years, men in other cultures received exotic spices, fabrics, and drugs via this oriental trade path, and the idea of forbidden pleasures coming from the orient has stuck to this day. Modern London men now enjoy the idea of receiving sexual pleasure imported from the orient, and Asian London escorts are able to fulfil this fantasy.

In addition to traditional notions of Asian mystery, these exotic cultures import two other traits that men like to build fantasies upon: smarts and submissiveness. In America, tens of thousands of Asians come to school each year at universities and colleges. These students are often exceptionally intelligent and unusually refined in public. They lack the brash boorishness of behaviour and loud talk that is sometimes seen in American and British women; these girls are submissive to their parents and the traditions of their culture. This aura of intelligent submission is a big turn-on for many men and another one of the reasons that Asian London escorts are able to fulfil their imaginings.

Asian women are also seen as nurturing, bound by duty to tend to the needs of their men. Oftentimes, Asian women are bound by cultural expectations to satisfy the domestic and physical needs of their men, even if it means sacrificing some of their own happiness. Men are warriors and providers who need the soft nourishment of female services to retain their strength. When men need a true erotic adventure, what better place to turn than a jade-haired beauty from the orient who is simultaneously caring and sexually exotic?

Women also love sexy and alluring asian women

Women also love sexy and alluring asian women

Men are absolutely fascinated with securing an Asian sexual experience, partly because of the schoolgirl fantasies that have been built from thousands of college students studying in the west and partly because of the mystery and beauty of manner and appearance that are synonymous with Asian females. A night with an Asian beauty provides the opportunity to explore the mystery of a sexy slender body; it gives the dream-like experience of an opium den, something forbidden but irresistible brought from far-away lands for pleasure and release. The fantasies of western men have revolved around the lustre of Asian women for many years and for many reasons. Treasure, pleasure, and fantasy have long been imported from the orient, and Asian escorts in London provide men with a fantastical link to this tradition.

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